Case studies


Every year during Christmas Elron has surprised its clients and passengers positively by reading poems, by decorating trains or by giving candies as gifts. This year there was a tight budget for Christmas campaign and no concept was given. Together with creative agency the focus of the campaign was changed – it’s Christmas, let’s notice and appreciate the clients and people around us. Let’s bring out that they are exceptional and special. If it is successful, brand will get stronger and the sales numbers will increase.

As the media budget was really tight for making a brand awareness campaign in wide media, we chose the creative-PR strategy instead of buying ads in media for publishing the video clips and messages.

The target was to bring the people in the middle of campaign, not the brand – on the daily basis we pass people who live next to railways or roads, we know their homes, perhaps we have seen them, but yet we do not greet them, even though they are so familiar. The campaign videos’ target was to introduce these people and call all the passengers to wave for them, as friends.

The campaign was successful & viral thanks to PR activities.


In 2015, after a 14 years break, Estonian national basketball team succeeded to take part in EuroBasket championship thanks to great results. Estonian Basketball Association (EBA) decided that “It’s Time” to make 2015 the year of basketball with sponsors and partners to reunite basketball fans, to support the sustainability of sports and to celebrate the year of EuroBasket championship. The purpose was to make 2015 the year of basketball by involving people in all ages to play basketball or to cheer the sports. Furthermore, the goal was to put basketball in focus and increase the popularity of basketball in Estonia.

Optimist Public’s role in this project was to consult strategically, create tactical plans of projects’ and events’ communication and to accomplish different projects during this year. In other words, to be the PR partner as needed for the Estonian Basketball Association.