About us

Optimist Public is a full-service marketing and communication agency. We help in managing communication strategies, marketing, social and digital media activities for organizations active in different sectors. We’ll help you understand communication strategies your company or brand needs, and also phrase what to communicate about yourself to the public eye.


We’re flexible, open, honest, and goal-oriented. Our team members are highly educated communication and marketing professionals experienced in public, private and non-governmental sector. We are keen to learn new skills and constantly improve in the field we work in – what the Optimist does not learn, the Optimist does not know!

Mari-Liis Ahven

Partner / strategist

E-mail: mariliis [at] optimist.ee
Tel: +372 53479912

Peeter Kruusvall

Partner / strategist

E-mail: peeter [at] optimist.ee
Tel: +372 5113110

Triin Adamson

Strategist / consultant

E-mail: triin [at] optimist.ee
Tel: +372 5182505

Gerda Suumann


E-mail: gerda [at] optimist.ee
Tel: +372 56560342

Cäthly Oja

Junior consultant

E-mail: cathly [at] optimist.ee
Tel: +372 55674000

Marina Sorokina

Russian media consultant

E-mail: marina [at] optimist.ee